Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cookbook Challenge of 2010...a refresher course.

I began this challenge in December of 2009 after being tired of worrying all the time about money and jobs and the economy, and  fill-in-the-blank-here. You name it, I was probably worried about it. So, I thought I needed to change my focus, remember to be grateful for all that I have in my life. I counted my cookbooks, 117 of them. How many did I actually use, probably 10. Here I was worried about what might happen, when I was missing a chance to learn new recipes, new techniques, and keep growing in my life-with things I already owned. So the gauntlet was tossed, 1 new recipe from each book before December 28, 2010.
I currently have 102 more to go.

Check that, make it 103, my husband bought me a new book for my Easter basket. Someone at work said that Don's no dummy... keep buying me cookbooks and all the good food from the challenge will never end! The new book is "Julia's Kitchen Wisdom" by, of course Julia Child. It's a great book with tools, techniques, and many ways to change a base recipe into all sorts of wonderful things! I made a creamy Leek & Potato Soup and I was amazed at how simple it was to make and how good it was to eat.

Next up, a French Potato salad w/Bacon from "The Silver Palate Cookbook", the 1st one. I have often said that I get tired of mayonnaise encrusted salads once the weather warms, but I wanted a little mayo in this..maybe it's just cold-weather talk longing for the tastes of summer, but something felt like it was missing.

Onward and upward I go! What's next, you ask? I'm wondering the same thing...thinking about potato dumplings from my 1 cookbook in German-boy I'm hoping that language comes back to me pretty quickly!!! Come to think of it, my family's probably wishing for the very same thing! Where is that German/English dictionary anyway..........

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