Friday, November 5, 2010

Old Board Games and treasured memories

 I have alot of great memories of my childhood. One of my favorites is watching Mom and Dad play Scrabble, seeing Mom play in a Scrabble club, and witnessing almost every new Scrabble board they bought. I think this may be one of the reasons why I love word games to this day.
When Mom and Dad asked me if I wanted one of their older scrabble boards for myself, I was thrilled. That game, with it's beat up box and old yellowing score papers, moved with me more times then I care to remember. I always had to find a special place to keep it. I worried if it would get smashed, or damp, or otherwise damaged.

I did this for many years, until one day it hit me. If I loved this game and all of the memories it contained, then why was I keeping it in a box, in a really safe place that I couldn't get to that easily? It didn't add up. I wanted to look at it and share it. Really enjoy it.

 So, I made this....I actually found this fabric on a trip home in an upholstery warehouse with Mom & Dad and I thought it would be great for a bulletin board. So glad I never got around to that project!!  I couldn't make this fast was all finished in my head...... I could see it hanging on my wall! 

I did a little quilting around the letters on the fabric first and then just dumped out the scrabble tiles, started making words and glued them down. I loved the score cards, it's Mom & Dad's handwriting and I always want to be able to see that.


When I have a bad day, looking at this piece is really comforting. It reminds me of Mom & Dad. I can almost hear them tell me that no matter what I'm going through at the will pass and I will be okay no matter what.


And of course, no piece is complete without being inspected by Bella, my sewing room kitty. I think she gave this her paw of approval.

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