Saturday, June 18, 2011

Technology and the simple life....

I used to have dial-up Internet.....I know we all did, but I had it wayyyy past it's prime. Case in point, my Mom came to visit us and was frustrated because she couldn't get to her favorite websites. When your technology is older than what your Mother is using, you gotta step up your game.
Hello Broadband and a new computer. We were flying down the informational and creative highway. Then I got a wireless router and that totally changed my world. Weather maps, sports scores, emails at my fingertips within a second or two. Netflix movies on our TV thru Roku could be the greatest thing since sliced bread. I could check my Facebook page and update my status from our back porch... I'm even on Twitter now, it's a great source of info and a cool way to quickly share all of the creativity going on!
So, with all of this connectivity at my fingertips throughout my house, you'd think I'd be like.."Wow how can I get my blog at my fingertips, so it's less formal and more fun and easy to update" I finally asked the question, found an app and here I am on my back porch blogging away on a Saturday morning with Bella and Pepper sleeping in their favorite spots.
It only took me 4 years...and combined with updating my Facebook page & Twitter...I may never look up from my IPod again, but at least my technology is no longer behind what my Mom is using and really that is the most important thing!


  1. I love the new look on your blog. Come friend me on Facebook too and maybe we have a chance to actually keep in touch.

  2. And I thought you were going to tell everyone how behind I am tech-wise with my cell phone. Oh I just did !

  3. I think you own your MOM an extra thank you!

    Nice to see you on Twitter and came to visit you here - so it's nice to meet you.

    :-D eirdre